The Waterloo
Hospital Museum
Mont St. Jean Farm

The Farmhouse

The farm at the hamlet of Mont St Jean provided refuge for around 6,000 Allied wounded men from the Battle of Waterloo. The excellent renovations and new historic heritage trail for the Waterloo Battlefield …

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The Surgery

Basic medical care was provided by regimental surgeons. The wounded would be carried off the field of battle by bandsmen or colleagues. Often casualties would have to just fend for themselves.

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The Brewery

Waterloo Beer is brewed with care in the Mont-Saint-Jean farm, the famous ‘English Hospital’ of the Battle of Waterloo. More than ever, this high-quality beer is a symbol of authenticity, craftsmanship and courage.

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A Piece Of History

The sturdy Brabant farm played a crucial role in the Battle of Waterloo. Situated no more than 200 metres behind the Allied line and being in a central position, it proved to be a natural refuge for more than 6,000 mutilated and dying, principally Allied, soldiers.

Artefacts from the battle(s) have been carefully collected and beautifully displayed in the museum at Mont Saint Jean, and make for a historic day out.

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Surgical Instruments

This is a small portable set of instruments, carried by any surgeon, but particularly the doctor on the battlefield to treat patients’ wounds during combat.

There are long curved scalpels (bistouries), scissors, a tenaculum, a double-hook retractor, also needles and ligatures.

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